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Econo Tree Service City Permit List

CITY/COUNTY Prune? Remove? Fee? Misc. Application
Atherton Kathy Hughes-Anderson 91 Ashford Atherton 94027-3896 (650)752-0526/F:(650)688-6539 Bus Lic#: 3881 no 48″ circum. @ 48″ abv ground (15.25 dbh) $100 First Tree $50.00 Add’l Tree Replant  
Belmont Karl Mittelstadt, City of Belmont, 1225 Ralston Ave., Belmont, CA 94002 (650)595-7441/F:(650)595-7419 required for more than 1/3 of the crown or foliage of the tree or root system 10″dbh@ 4.5ft above grade: Oaks, Bay, Buckeye,M.Cypress,Redwoods (both), Madrone 18”dbh: All others except Acacia, E. Globulus, P. Radiata NO Call planning office to meet with City Arborist onsite. Replant 15 gallon tree. Call for Permit Application.
Burlingame Building and Maintenance Dept. Parks and Recreation Dept. 850 Burlingame, CA 94010 (650) 558-7330/F: (650) 676-7216 Over 1/3 of canopy or root system 48″ circum.@ 4.5 ‘ (15.25 dbh) NO Replant may be required.  
Cupertino 10300 Torre Ave. Cupertino 95014 (408)777-3354 Bus Lic#: 31193 See Website for more information. 20”dbh @ 54 above grade: Native Oaks, Buckeye, Big Leaf Maple, Deodar Cedar, Blue Atlas Cedar, Bay Laurel, CA Bay, Western Sycamore $165 First Tree $83 Each Add’l Tree Be sure to check website for further questions.  
E. Palo Alto 2200 University Ave, EPA 94301 w/copy of Est.; they ck & issue permit (650)853-3189/F:(650)853-3179 no 40″ circum @ 12′ diam. (12.75” diam. @24”) $144 per tree Aborist Report and Replant required  
Foster City 610 Foster City Blvd. Foster City 94404 (650)286-3225/F: (650)886-3589 Only for commercial property and street trees Only for commercial property and street trees NO    
Hillsborough Town of Hillsborough 1600 Floribunda Ave. 94010-6418 (650)558-7330/F:(60)676-7216 Bus Lic#:994285 no 36″ dia.@ dbn or $5000 total project $75 minimum – Determined according to tree. Blank check needed at time of issuance.  
Los Altos City of Los Altos One North San Antonio Rd., 94022 (650)947-2750/F: (650)941-7419 no Any tree over 48” circum. (15.25” dbh) Condtional plantings All commercial properties $50,00 Replant may be required.  
Los Altos Hills 16379 Fremont Rd. Los Altos Hill, CA 94022 (650)941-7222/F: (650) 941-3160   Native Oaks > 12” dbh. NO   Contact office for more information.
Menlo Park 701 Laurel St. Menlo Park 94025 (650)330-6740 Bus Lic #:50469 prune more than 1/4th of canopy must obtain permit 10” dbh for Native Oaks, 15” dbh all others $135.00 first three trees $90.00 every additional tree Must replace with 24” box from website list. Arborist must fill out Arborist forms.  
Millbrae 477 Lincoln Avenue Millbrae (650)259-2373/F:(650) 692-6927 N/A Street Trees Only   Must replace with 24” box.  
monte sereno 1804 Saratoga-Los Gatos Rd. Monte Sereno, Ca95030 (408)-354-7635/F:(408)-395-7653 Bus Lic#:2003092 N/A Oaks or Redwoods =20” circ./(6.3 dbh) All others = 48” circ. @ 54” (15.25 dbh) NO Arborist report required. Site plans required.  
mountain View Building and Planning Dept. 23 North Whisman Rd., M.V. 94043 (650)903-6273/F: (650) 961-6290 N/A Oak, Redwood or Cedar = 12” circum. @ 54” above grade All others = 48” cirum. At 54” above grade First Tree: $166 Each Add’l tree: $58   Replant 24” box or pay $250.00
Palo Alto 250 Hamilton, PA 94301 (650)496-5953/F: (650)329-2154 Over 1/3 on Heritage Trees All street trees. Heritage trees, Coast Live Oak, Valley Oak: 11.5 @54” above grade All Coast Redwoods18” dbh @ 54” above grade. $295,00 Appointment needed at develop center. Arborist Report.
Portola Valley 765 Portola Road Portola Valley, CA 94028 851-1701   Live Oak, Valley Oak, Black Oak & Bay = 11.5 dbh, Blue Oak, Madrone, Big Leaf Maple = 7.5” dbh, Redwood, Douglas Fir = 17.2 dbh $70,00 Mon-Fri 8-5  
Redwood City 1400 Broadway Rd. 94064 650-780-4464/F:650-780-7445 Bus Lic#:24094 Yes = 12” dbh All trees = 12” dbh & Arborist Report N/A Owner must sign and mailed to Redwood City, or we deliver  
San Carlos City of San Carlos, Planning Dept. 600 Elm Street, SC 94070 (650)802-4361/F:(650)802-4386 Bus Lic#:212615 N/A 11.5″dia.@48″ hi; must replace w/ 24″ box tree $247 $300 tree planting fee Replant may be required.  
San Mateo Planning and Building Div. 330 West 20th Ave. San Mateo, CA 94403 (650)522-7420/F:(650)522-7421 Yes – for pruning > ¼ Bay, Buckeye, Oak, Cedar & Redwood = 10” dbh All others = 16” dbh $350 planting deposit Replant or surrender deposit.  
San Mateo County Planning and Building Division 500 Hamilton, RWC 94063 (650)363-4161/F:(650)363-4849 For heritage trees only 12” dbh (Significant Trees) Significant = $154.00 first tree Heritage = $451.00 to remove, $229.00 to prune Must apply in person, need arborist report.  
Saratoga 1377 Fruitvale Ave., Saratoga CA 95070 (408)867-8555/F: (408)-868-1222 Bus Lic#: 4680 Not if it conforms to ISA standards Native = 6” dbh, All others = 10” $125,00    
South San Francisco Public Works 550 Canal, South San Francisco, CA 94080 (650)829-3837 Yes, same dimensions as removals All Trees = 15” dbh N/A Need photo and back up documentation.  
Sunnyvale 456 West Olive Ave. (408)730-7444 no 12”dbh single trunk, 36” dbh multi trunk $225,00    
Woodside 2955 Woodside Road, Woodside, CA 94062 – 851-6790 no 7.6 dbh @ 48” above grade:Alder, Big Leaf Maple, Blue Oak, Buckeye, Fremont Cottonwood, Mardrone, Tan Bar Oak 9.5”dbh @ 48” above grade: Black Oak, California Bay Laurel, Coast Live Oak, Coast Redwood, Douglas Fir, Valley Oak, Western Sycamore All other trees not mentioned above: 11.5dbx @ 48” above grade $60,00    

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