EconoTree is proud to be a division of Bartlett Tree Experts, and our staff now has the backing of an international tree-care company and tree research laboratory to help continue providing excellent tree service and shrub care in the Redwood City, Ca region. View a complete list of professional tree services offered by Bartlett.


Useful Links

The Tree Care Industry of America – We are a member of the TCIA.  They provide great resources and training for all tree care workers. All TCIA members adhere to strict standards and regulations in order to provide the best care.  TCIA also requires that members are acting ethically and professionally.

The International Society of Arboriculture – The ISA has served the tree care industry for more than 80 years.  “Through research, technology, and education the International Society of Arboriculture promotes the professional practice of arboriculture and fosters a greater worldwide awareness of the benefits of trees.”

The California Arborist Association – The California Arborists Association, Inc. (CAA) is a non-profit organization of professional arborists combining efforts to improve tree care practices in California.

Canopy is a Palo Alto based non-profit that is run by local volunteers that helps to plant and care for trees in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto.  It’s a great way to get involved in local urban forestry and learn more about tress that grow in our area.

Trees Are Good! – Provides useful information to the general public regarding quality tree care information.

Identify That Tree – A great tool for identifying the trees on your property.

Pest Guide – University of California at Davis website which lists trees and any pest information. It gives helpful pictures and pest problems that can help you determine if there are pests in your trees.

Sudden Oak Death – A great informational site about Sudden Oak Death that has impacted our region.

Planting Under Your Oak Tree – A helpful site that lists what types of plants and shrubs can be grown underneath you large Oak tree.

City and County Tree Permit Information – A spreadsheet with information about requirements for tree pruning and removal.



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