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What To Do About Palm Trees

Palm trees are a staple for many homes – they are absolutely gorgeous and not something that you can see everywhere. That is why so many people want to grow them. What they don’t realize, however, is that palm trees … Continue reading

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Is Your Yard Ready for Spring? 4 Can’t Miss Tips

Spring is a great time for you to get out of your house and do something to your yard. Why? Well, you have probably spent the last few months trapped inside throughout the elements, and as the weather gets warmer … Continue reading

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5 Best Trees to Plant in California

In California, we face an entirely different garden and yard situation than a majority of the country does. We have to think about out water usage, the amount of work we have to do for the health of our trees, … Continue reading

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Where to Donate Trees In and Around Redwood City

If you have a New Year’s resolution of being more giving in 2017, there are a few ways to do it that will keep Redwood City and California look great and feeling fresh. Donating a tree might seem like a … Continue reading

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8 Businesses in Redwood City that Help with Spring Planting

Spring planting is right around the corner, whether or not the whether actually feels that way. In Redwood City, we are pretty serious about our planting and the way our yards look, so it is important that we do everything … Continue reading

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