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Christmas Decor Destinations in Redwood City

Christmas comes but once a year, and celebrating it to the fullest extent is the best way to get yourself into that holiday spirit. Since the weather around Redwood City really doesn’t lend itself to feeling like a holiday zone, you have to go out of your way to find that feeling yourself.

Thankfully, we have many, many options in and around Redwood City for Christmas lights displays and installations that will make the season seem more magical and the Christmas spirit seem alive and well.

Take a trip to one of the following:

1. Estate Drive Lights

Credit: Lights of the Valley

Credit: Lights of the Valley

For the last twenty years, the residents on a little quiet street break out of their quiet and familial shell and decorate their homes extravagantly. This winter wonderland falls near the intersection of Grant Road and Fremont Avenue, though you can see it as you drive up because of the sheer amount of light that it produces.

Make sure to take your time and look around the Estate Drive Lights installation – there are reindeer on the rooftops, Santa waving from hidden spots, and thousands of lights that twinkle and shine.

2. Sunnyvale Christmas Lights

If you like Santa Claus, you might want to check out the display at Sunnyvale Christmas  Lights. There are over 100 Santa figurines and lights on display in the front yard. It is

Credit: Sunnyvale

Credit: Sunnyvale

completely Santa themed and synchronized to music.

Even better, you are able to give to charity and give back, which is really what this time of the year is about. There is typically a donation box and/or food barrel in the front yard with all proceeds going to City Ministries, a wonderful group.

3. Christmas Trains

Credit: Lights of the Valley

Credit: Lights of the Valley

If you like the traditional Christmas trains that used to go under Christmas trees, then you might want to take a stop at this Christmas Trains display in Redwood City. It is filled with train lovers, holiday lovers, and children who enjoy watching them travel into tunnels, around fake towns, and eventually into the home. It circles many, many times per night, as it has done over the last 30 years.

The display runs from 6:30 PM to 9 PM Tuesday – Sunday all season long. This is a more mature display, so you have to make sure that you watch your children at all times. No one can go out of the roped in area.

4. Candy Cane Lane

Everyone has heard about a fabled Candy Cane Lane, but very few people have actually

Credit: Lights of the Valley

Credit: Lights of the Valley

been to one. Thank goodness we have one right in Redwood City, at Dewey Street between Carson Street and Roosevelt Avenue, where this is a beautiful display of lights, sounds, and decorations.

You’ll see the characters of the season and the characters of the town, making their way throughout the display. If you want to venture outside, you can stroll, or you can slowly (very slowly) drive throughout the area as well.

Bad weather will shut down Candy Cane Lane, so make sure to only go when the weather cooperates.

5. Gilroy Gardens

Credit: GIlroy

Credit: Gilroy

Gilroy Gardens is a charming amusement park that has been outfitted with beautiful lights. They take the rides that your kids have likely already ridden many times and makes them more magical.

Each one has a holiday theme. The cars that almost everyone has driven throughout the park take on a Twelve Days of Christmas theme, you’ll see more of Candy Cane Lane, and many, many elves. There are also nods to other celebrations so that your kids can learn about the world around them.

Each night ends with a beautiful light show over Coyote Lake. The show is set to symphony versions of the best Christmas songs ever written. Crowds gather quite early to see it, so you might want to get there early to get a good spot.

6. Christmas Tree Lane

Go to the 1700 and 1800 block of Fulton Street in Palo Alto and you will be surprised by

Credit: Christmas Tree Lane

Credit: Christmas Tree Lane

the beauty of Christmas Tree Lane. It was created nearly sixty years ago by a group of neighbors who were in a gaming group. The experience has grown bigger and better with each passing year, building up history of its own – they’ve survived throughout WWII, the energy crisis, and changes in home ownership. Still, the street’s residents take it seriously and everyone participates.

You can either drive down the street slowly with other people, or you can park your car and walk throughout the different displays. You’ll see Nutcrackers, elves, the Peanuts gang, reindeer, Santa, and just about anyone else even slightly associated with Christmas.

7. Vasona Lake County Park

Credit: Vasona Lake

Credit: Vasona Lake

If you like the whimsy of holiday lights, head on over to Vasona Park and take a look at all of the kitschy Christmas decorations. You’ll see Santa and Rudolph playing basketball, though they aren’t too great and a ball will fly over your car. You’ll see dinosaurs ready for the season, dogs in Santa hats all over, and even a few scenes from popular movies.

This is a VERY popular event with a lot of people driving around listening to music, so your best bet is to go during the week.

Keep Your Holiday Spirits Up with Econo Tree Service

Econo Tree Service recycles all of the products that come from tree work. During this time of the year, one of the most popular items we sell is firewood. Our firewood will make the holiday season feel a little cozier and a little more like those Christmases you see in movies.

Firewood is something that we specialize in – if you don’t get the right kind of firewood that has been treated by people who know what they are doing, you are putting your entire family at risk. Our firewood is well-seasoned oak, which will give more heat and far better air quality than other types of wood.

Header photo courtesy of Alex Liivet on Flickr!
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