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Preparing for Fall: 9 Companies to Reach Out to in Redwood City

Fall in California is a little different than fall everywhere else. Still, it is important to prepare for the fall months in a way that will leave you happy and enjoying yourself. From football to back to school, the months between September and early December really have quite a bit going on – so you can’t waste even one minute.

Sometimes you need some help in achieving everything that you want to do in the autumn months – well thankfully, there are a lot of resources in and around Redwood City to keep you safe and in the spirit all season long.

1. Plane & Stain

Credit: Plain & Stain

Credit: Plane & Stain

Plane & Stain is a great company to help you get your yard back together before the mischief month. They are here to help you get a fence or repair the one you already have.

This team is one of the best around because they are extremely laid back but also very hard working. You will be able to talk to them openly about the project that you want and get exactly what you expect in return.


They boast an “unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction,” and live up to it in the amazing work that they do.

2. Webb Ranch

Webb Ranch is a great place for fall family fun. While we might not have the weather, we

Credit: Webb

certainly will have the celebration. Each day has fun activities for children of all ages, including a kiddie train, pumpkin picking, haunted house, hay rides, jump house, face painting, petting zoo, wow bubbles, and a pumpkin slingshot.

This attraction is open seven days a week at the Webb Ranch Farmers Market, so you will be able to work it into your schedule. You’ll be able to pick out an organic pumpkin from over 30 acres and they ship in different varieties, so you’ll be able to find what you are looking for pretty quickly – or take your time.

3. The Landscape Company

Credit: Landscape Company

Credit: Landscape Company

During the fall months, outdoor lighting is increasingly important. It gets darker earlier, and your kids and family members will be coming in and out of your home later at night – especially around Halloween and Friday night football games. Even a few solar lights can make a difference.

The Landscape Company is the premier choice for high-quality outdoor lighting installation. Their work is clean and neat, everything is aligned and works in sync.

Don’t worry about the safety of your yard as the days get darker – just turn on a light.

4. Common Ground Garden

Late summer into autumn is one of the most common times for people to move, and it is a

Credit: Common Ground

Credit: Common Ground

great time to do so. However, many people don’t know the amount of work and care that goes into a garden if they are moving into a first time home.

If you are one of those people, Common Ground Garden is a great place to go for some help and education. Not only will you be able to buy things to put into your yard, but you will learn how to garden in the process.

Everything is covered and explained extremely well so that you will have success right away. They have many events throughout all seasons, so check out their calendar to see what is up next.

5. Orchard Hardware Supply

Credit: Orchard

Credit: Orchard

Since fall seems to be the time for outdoor and indoor activities to improve your home, Orchard Hardware Supply should be a frequent trip you take.

No matter what work you have to do, this store will probably have what you need. In fact, they will probably have a few different tools to make your job even easier. Talk to the staff there and they will walk you through the different routes you can take to finish everything on time.

Make sure to browse at their store and find some of the great deals available.

6. ABC Tree Farms

ABC Tree Farm and the Pick of the Patch Pumpkins is a family owned business that

Credit: ABC Tree

Credit: ABC Tree

started in 1983. Today, it is a string of 18 Pumpkin Patches in the san Francisco Bay Area and Southern California. It has some of the best reviews online and has a ton of fun options for families.

Of course, there are things to do during other seasons of the year, but autumn has a special feel to it. The locations have pumpkin patches, games, photography, pumpkin carving, and several inflatable amusement rides.

7. Yerba Buena Nursery

Credit: Yerba

Credit: Yerba

Yerba Buena Nursery is one of the foremost businesses in the state for native California plants. These are the plants that come from here, so they are going to thrive and survive, even if your thumb isn’t the greenest around.

However, the reason they are a great place to call for the autumn season is because they have something called a Garden Tune Up, which is a unique service. According to their website, their “Nursery Manager, Anya, will visit your home and spend one hour with you in your garden. At the conclusion of your meeting you will have a list of appropriate plants and where to place them. You are welcome to take notes or film the instructions provided for care and maintenance practices.”

This is a unique chance and spaces are limited, so take advantage of it.

8.  Wegman’s Nursery

Credit: Wegman's

Credit: Wegman’s

Wegman’s Nursery is a great place to go during any season – but fall, in particular, is great. While we can’t always have the same florals, we still can get some great ones that will show off the muted but still beautiful colors of fall. This is a family-owned business that knows exactly what they are selling and how to care for it – so make sure you talk to them if you are new at this.

They won’t try to upsell you and they are honest about the amount of work something takes. If you have problems, they are more than willing to walk you through each step so that your garden looks great.

Even better, they sometimes have special events in the fall, so keep your eyes open.

9. Econo Tree Service

Credit: Econo

Credit: Econo

Econo Tree Service is a great local resource to help you prepare for the “fall” months. As it does get a little colder and those breezes can pack a punch, you’ll find yourself enjoying a nice fire in your yard or bonfire with your neighborhood. You have to be careful, however, as some firewood isn’t safe to burn. At Econo Tree Service, we ensure that our firewood is safe for everyone to enjoy.

We also have other products that will make your fall easier, like mulch. Mulch is a great way to ensure that your trees and plants get the nutrients they need when temperatures dip and we start to get more rain.

Keep Safe In Any Season with Econo Tree Service

Of course, you have to worry about the safety of your trees as well. Whether you want to get something cut down because it doesn’t look like it will withstand a storm or you just want to get a few branches removed, fall is a great time to do that.

At Econo Tree Service, we will give you a free estimate on how much any project will cost. We can explain the process for everything so that you have a thorough understanding of what is happening. It truly is best to get the work done now instead of when it is a little nasty outside.

Header photo courtesy of Ed Bierman on Flickr!


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