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Little Ways To Show Your Trees You Love Them

Your trees are an extension of your family, and you need to show them the love that you would show anything else that you care about – even if it isn’t easy. As a homeowner, your trees need to take … Continue reading

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“Hover Parenting” Techniques You Are Using With Your Tree

Your trees are somewhat like your children – you have to constantly pay attention, but you cannot let them know that you are paying attention. The truth is that trees in the wild grow tall and strong without any human … Continue reading

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4 Things to Know About Deep Watering Trees

When should you water your trees and when should you allow nature to do what it wants to do? It can be very difficult to learn about the needs of your trees because they don’t talk like humans do and … Continue reading

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7 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in Redwood City

Christmas is right around the corner, even though it might not really feel like it. There is a lot going on around this time of the year and it can get confusing. Sometimes we let the busy-ness of it all … Continue reading

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7 Pool Companies in Redwood City

Getting a pool in your backyard is a serious undertaking. You have to look into the reputation of the companies that you want to hire, ensuring that they not only live up to their words, but that they deliver something … Continue reading

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7 Places to Shop for a Dream Treehouse

In Redwood City, we love trees. That is just a part of our culture. We also love to be outside, and that is something we want to instill in our children. What better way to do that than by building … Continue reading

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